Tuesday, 23 July 2013

what is noisecore? to you


These writtings are a rough draft, please remember that. Also I am looking for fans who study anarchism and may have comments regarding this article.
Also other opinions I will publish in my zine (physical zine) if you have nothing else to do.
I documented in this article the relationship to noise to life.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Shit life update.

Ah, Listerine drinking bums, railroad tracks, red skys and pure absolute urban despair and in the middle of it: I present shitty music. Fact: just because this is a "noisecore" blog that is a term meaning many styles of improvised or unorthodox music. So I present some stuff to you, I James Tarr am in physical pain a lot. I need to take pain killers for nerve damage to my neck and face from slashing my jugular vein. It got me nowhere and this music will too. Sorry I am too depressed to upload tapes that much anymore. I live in a very small urban town with shitty bands with no originality, I am so sick of this shit. I am sick of you, I am sick of your informants, your cops, your security. So with pessimistic intentions here are some rare uploads:
A weird freak named Embryo and his great project Mermaid In a Manhole, I listened to it since 2002. I did not know him on a personal level then, but now I do. He inspires me to want to do more noise and experimental. I have no means, I live in a basement but maybe someday. Who has the biggest cock in Sydney, Nova Scotia?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Writing a book, so let it be known I started it first and it was my idea.

I am tracing the roots of noisecore. Tracing the influence of Anarchism, Socialism Nihilism etc on this style music. I am leaving no brance unmentioned. I am going to bring history but I will also bring my life story which is a literal devotion to this music style that is only decades old. I live a chaotic and violent existence, I try to stay crime free now and do this blog. But I am going to do this book, everything from prison, to reading Anarchism, to street life is connected to noisecore. I will show you, I swear. And so nobody steals my idea, I said it first. The first documentation of noisecore, not noise, not synth. NOISECORE, Meat Shits, Jangle, Genital Masticator, that style. Where did it come from, why, the way it was spread was like Anarchist pamphlets. DIY is not just unique to noisecore, we will see years and years of this human behaviour of anti-music.

To me, the best release I ever took apart of.

This was one shot one session, drum machine hatred, this was when I got out of jail. If you notice I just used a drug store receipt as the track listing for my band. This is the very bottom, like my life was at the moment. Injecting ritalin in alley ways and jerking off




Noise Man and Woman

The true anarchist goes through life developing his/her idea of himself/herself and this search for identity manifests itself in many different forms.  The only way for the anarchist to discover his/her identity is to experience and distinguish his/her own individuality within the rest of society.  The quest for ultimate liberation and knowledge of self is what makes anarchy appealing.  The process by which the individual attains that liberation distinguishes the individual’s journey for liberation.  Many anarchists, therefore, mark their own journey by the artwork that reflects their own struggle for self which is why anarchy and art are undeniably intertwined.

So can noisecore shake the stigma of being a male-only, hatefull, gore-obsessed brainless form of artwork someday. I believe so, but there has got to be a call back to literature and debate about why we pursue this form of music. I want people to accept that this is one of the non-violent forms of cultural rebellion untapped by corporate machines. That artists relationships are kindled with letters and even (from experience) trading teeth through the mail to express an artistic respect and fan to fan accessibility.
 This genre of music as I continue to state is an equalizing factor, you do not need talent, you do not need money. You do not need a dick or a vagina, I am so happy more women are doing noisecore. I think the name does not matter, noisecore, noisegrind, etc. But that we must acknowledge that is an end result of something people have no time to read about. That this is a chemical reaction of anarchism in the realm of audio art, that trading collectives and self run record labels are distinct to this genre. That there is no goal attainable that true noise-creators see no record deal in sight, that we cannot exist without each other. Only perform for noisecore, not money. That technology, with or without social media has no influence on the recording process to some. That only noisecore bands are using 4 track tape decks, are still putting old technology to use and using it to create new sounds. How radical is that! Everyday I see a more rigid regime of music, concerts, money, music, concerts, money. Bar shows with people who pretend to be cops, working the doors, watching you. Even if you have no idea about Anarchist philosphy it is time to look back and start drawing the lines. Do not look to ;punk; as the main influence to this creation, because PUNK is a product. We need to start telling people about the creation process, the feeling we get of total freedom, we must share this with our gay, lesbian, women and friends. This vector for socially unacceptable topics can be the perfect place for the talentless, hopeless person who has something to say but nobody to listen to them. That all the porno-grind bullshit and women hatred is something I regret even listening to at one time, I am tolerant of alot. But lately I just cannot take another band regurgitating gore problems. Let us start writing about noisecore as a lifestyle, as a liberator, as a vector for change, let us use the energy and the networks already around for years. Let us not put up with oppression against gays and women, no. Let us use noisecore as the topic of noisecore, I mean let us advocate this freedom in more songs and lyrics. Or song titles. I feel like this scene is slowly dying out and only a handfull of misguided people are left. It is time to start documenting this movement and really seeing where negativity will lead it and where it has been lead by hatred. Or let us see what humour, bizarre, random, social, political, abstract drives have done for this genre. It is time to actually identify your music with your life, because you do not kill people or eat peoples livers. Gore-noise was somebodys own invention and many people bastardized it. It didnt glorify murder but highlighted the culture of Western civilization. We use multimedia samples as parts of noisecore because reality is equally revolting sometimes as human nails across a chalkboard. Who wants to organize a noisecore compilation zine about why, what, and how. Let us fully discover our own meanings and desires in our artwork and let us see what positive change we can make by making this accessible to women as much as men. Just another rant.

Let's take a look at motives and survey them, the motive to create noisecore. (passion, fun, empowering, etc
Let's renounce hatred from this scene and open it up to LGBT communitys and races of all types
Let's see in what relation a prolific noisecore artist is within society, do many work, are some visually offensive or just average people
Let's spread the word that equality can be achieved and anyone is welcome to create
Let's identify many qualitys of Anarchism in relation to noise, it's influence on artwork as a whole
Let's take a look at tape trading, and DIY culture, those same many tendencys from noise and Anarchism

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sociedad De Rechazo / Potabilizadora


A classic I could not find online, lucky yours truly has a bootlegged copy and free time on his hands.
MMan, Potabilizadora are ahead of their time, know how many bands had a style that percussive and with a fast drum machine back then. Not many on the noisecore take, seriously these Spanish bands must of had access to alot of cool gadgets back then. The pitch shifted vocals on their side are just about savage as a lion. SDR are alright, they are punkish sloppy noisecore. This is a must listen to tape, this is a must have. Cadaverizer records was the best noisecore record label in my opinion. That was the hey-day. Bands like Jangle, non-political just fucked up insane noisecore are why bands like Gruesome Toilet and Anal Birth even exist.